Fab Lab Adelaide | Full-colour Paper 3D Printing Competition!
Fab Lab Adelaide is a not-for-profit community workshop in which new products and creative works can be designed and made using digital fabrication equipment including several 3D printers and a laser cutter. The Lab supports South Australian inventors, designers, artists, and other creative and entrepreneurial individuals and businesses through the provision of free and low cost access to equipment and expertise.
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Full-colour Paper 3D Printing Competition!

MCOR 3D printed paper item

Calling all artists and designers who are interested in having your 3D designs made into a full-colour paper 3D print! Fab Lab Adelaide are partnering with DGS 3D (the Australian distributor for Mcor IRIS 3D printers), for the launch of the IRIS 3D printer. These printers use Selective Deposition Lamination, a simple and innovative process of full colour paper 3D printing.

Your 3D printed model will be exhibited in the gallery at the launch of the IRIS in Sydney, Rydes Hotel, Parramatta on Thursday 25th July, and a copy of the model will also be mailed to you.

If you are interested in taking part you will need to submit your designs in OBJ, STL or VRML formats by Friday June 21st. Here are a few guidelines for the models:

Maximum build size is 256mm x 169mm x 15mm.
Builds can be stacked on the Z axis, so you can design a whole set of furniture, or a few pieces of fruit for a Still Life, or a toy train with 2 carriages and fit it all into the same build.

Suggested types of design could be:
Architectural/ Structural – anything like a whole building, or a façade, or a window design, or a castle turret, or a bridgeEducational – anything for teaching purposes like a little neanderthal family, or a replica of the leaning tower of Pisa, or a magnified molecule of influenza, or a Pharoah’s necklace – anything it would be great to hold in your hand because you’ve only seen it in a book before.

Photography – The IRIS is the only 3D printer that’s printing in true colour (because it’s using paper and ink) so it’s going to revolutionise photography.  Anyone can take a series of 2D images on their ordinary phone camera, upload them into 123D Catch, and the software sorts the images and gives you a 3D image.  It is worth a look for anyone interested in photography.

Furniture of any kind – indoor or outdoor furniture and furnishings, garden gnomes, doll’s houses, photo frames, lamps, sofas, baby cradles, dining settings, etc

Toys – as simple as ABC blocks, or a new superhero

Artistic – ornaments, figurines, sculptures

Consumables – anything from tea sets to shoes

As Mcor’s co-founder Dr Conor MacCormack says “what you see on the screen is what you get in your hand, and that’s limited only by your imagination”.

Please contact karen@anat.org.au if you need any more information.

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